Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobilize Your Shop

Savvy e-commerce operators know their loyal consumers prefer to shop via mobile apps because of their ease of use and the ability to communicate quickly and directly with push notifications. Engage with your customers, increase profits.


KeenEye : Shopify Mobilized

90% of the time people spend connected is on their mobile device. If you already have an e-commerce site with Shopify but have not yet made an app, now is the time to mobilize!

A mobile app can change your business, drive engagement, create a stronger bond with your users and increase sales. A mobilized e-commerce solution running on Shopify can also work better with social media efforts. Most people browse Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook from their mobile, clicking through to a mobile app just makes sense.

KeenEye has many years of experience working on mobile apps used by millions of people. Consumer brands such as Cobra and Escort dash cams run on apps we have built while Tandem Diabetes runs on, in part, our team’s work. Talk to us to know more.


We are firm believers and practitioners of Agile. Our Production team, and even our HR and Finance team use Jira and Trello to make processes much easier. Following are a few top technologies we are proficient in: